In Episode 6 of “Go, Be You,” travel photographer, blogger and explorer Alivia Latimer inspires us with her free spirit as she takes us deep into the woods, to the countryside with horses and into indie neighborhoods of the creative city of Portland, OR. Watch this episode for inspiration on traveling to this lush and relaxing city nestled in the cozy Northwest.

“Go Be You” is a brand new, eight part travel series for Alaska Airlines and Darling Magazine.

Shot in eight cities over the course of 17 days, the series chronicles the journeys of 8 women influencers as they discover how a place can transform a person.

See all eight films on the Darling's YouTube Page!

  • Project
    Go Be You!
  • Client
    Alaska Airlines X Darling Magazine
  • Director
    Blaine Hogan
  • DP
    Bjorn Amundsen