Daniel Chesnut

Founding Director

Daniel Chesnut is a tiller.

He doesn't know the meaning of shallow. He tills the raw soil of brands and individuals to cultivate rich content. His desire is to not only to know you more, but for you to know yourself more. His unrelenting pursuit of the heart has led to the discovery of unique stories for brands and individuals.

His love for story, imagery, and human nature propelled his pursuit of film production at a young age. He got his start in the action sports industry working with Hurley and Nike, producing commercials, music videos, and documentaries. As his career progressed, his desire to tell compelling stories that formed an emotional connection to the viewer lead him to work in the commercial world. In 2012, Daniel co-founded Process Films. Process Films was born out of a passion project with the intent to tell stories that matter. That mission has led him to work with top brands like Toyota, Subaru, La-Z-Boy, Hasbro, and The Art Institutes. As Process has grown, Daniel's desire to lead and develop a team of people that have purpose and truth behind their work has held firm.